Indie Collective I am currently on maternity leave until the end of the year.
If you are local to Milton Keynes, some of my pieces can be found at the Indie Collective in the Intu shopping centre.

Vintage style purple percher


Purple, retro-style percher hat


Mildred Ratched eat your eat out!

This sumptuous royal purple hat seeks to evoke the glamour of the 40s and 50s. It features three tiers, purple pleated ribbon and small peacock feathers.

Measurements (approx):

This hat is ‘free size’ in that it sits on the head to one side, held in place with hat elastic. It also features a comb on the inside to further help hold the hat in place.

Front to back measures roughly 9 2/8inches/ 23.5cm. The hat is pretty circular, so this is a similar measurement, width wise too. The flat top measures approximately 4inches/ 10.5cm front to back (also a circle). The total rise (how tall the hat is) is roughly 4inches/ 10.5cm.

NOTE: Please note, this listing is for the sale of the hat only. Nothing else in the images is included in the sale.

Welcome to my online shop. Deliveries are only available to UK-based customers presently.

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