‘Stray on cat island’ photo 8×10


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This is a photo of a cat I met on one of Japan’s cat islands.

I love cats, so when I was living in Japan I made a point of trying to visit as many of the 13 or so cat islands as I could (usually with a pocket or bag full of cat food).

One of my favourite islands, with a rich history, was actually on a lake! Okishima sits on lake Biwa and homes the seven descendent families of samurai who escaped a civil war in Kyoto, and a lot of stray cats.

This gorgeous, friendly feline lay on our route around the island, near the resident’s homes.
I took this photo on 8th June 2017.

This item is 8×10 inches. It is printed on Fujicolour Crystal Archive paper, in a matt finish.


Please note this is the sale of a photograph, not the subject within. Buying this photo does not grant you any licensing or distribution rights. I retain copyright of the image. Please also note that the way colours appear on your screen may not be exactly how they appear in the actual photo.

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