Reclaimed, blue shibori kimono silk headband



Reclaimed kimono silk headband in pink, with black and blue detailing.

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A headband made from reclaimed kimono silk.

Made from this beautiful pale blue kimono silk, with it also features cream details in shibori style. It is lined with a pale blue cotton material.

I used to live in Japan and collected quite a few second hand kimonos (as well as some new kimono material, and offcuts). While some are in excellent condition, ones that had suffered too much damage in areas, have been taken apart and the in-tact bits have been repurposed into pieces such as this. Please be aware that due to the nature of the material and its origin, there may be some marks.


Measurements (approx):

Headband length: 15inches/ 39.5cm

Width at the ends: 6/8inch/ 2cm

Width (widest): 4inches/ 10cm

Middle loop: 2 3/8inches/ 6cm x 2 6/8inches/ 7cm

Additional information

Weight 38 g
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 16 cm


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