Leather inverted rose hair slide


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A hand-tooled hair piece, featuring an inverted rose design.

The piece started out as a plain piece of beige veg-tan leather. I then drew out the design onto the leather, and tooled it with special leather working stamps. It was then dyed black, and then painted with acrylic leather paint. It is mounted onto a turquoise suedey piece of chrome-tanned leather. The edges are finished with black edge paint. As pieces like this are made entirely by hand, they take hours to make.

The hair piece features two holes, and a stick to hold the piece in place in hair.

Measurements (approx):

Width: 3 3/8 inches/ 8.5cm

Length (in the middle): 2 2/8 inches/ 5.7cm

Length of stick: 6 inches/ 15cm


Please note, the paint is fairly robust (especially as it is in the inverted parts of the piece), but may become scratched with excessive wear.

Welcome to my online shop. Deliveries are only available to UK-based customers presently.

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