Lava Dragon brooch


Tooled leather, lava dragon brooch

Out of stock


A handmade, leather brooch, tooled and manipulated in such a way so as to appear to be part of a dragon.

This piece I have painted to evoke a lava dragon with shades of red. yellow, orange, black and hints of gold.
The piece features a glass eye with leather moulded around it to form an eyelid. Where there was a nature raw edge, I have incorporated this into the piece to further the illusion this has been torn from a dragon.
The raw side has been mounted onto another piece of leather and a brooch back.

I make different shapes and colour dragon pieces…check out my listings, website and social media for other pieces.

Although the piece is fairly robust and has been sealed, the paint may scratch if put under undue stress.

Welcome to my online shop. Deliveries are only available to UK-based customers presently.

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