Large red Christmas scrunchie


Large red Christmas scrunchie

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Get in the Christmas spirit with the jumbo scrunchie. It’s so large it can double as an accessory for your wrist too!

Made from polycotton, the main colour of the scrunchie is a vibrant red. It features little mustard/gold reindeer, and little green Christmas trees.

The width of the material is around 2 6/8 inches. When laid flat, it measures approximately 6.5inches.

This scrunchie contains 1/4inch elastic, around 7inches in length, so the piece can be worn in the hair or comfortably on the wrist. As the material is fairly wide, it is a statement piece. If you have very fine or sparse hair, you may need to use pins/ grips to secure in place.


Note: This is the the sale of one scrunchie. Nothing else in the images is included in the sale. The mannequin head used is slightly smaller than an average adult head (by an inch or so).

Additional information

Weight 32 g
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 16 cm


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