Large, reclaimed, lilac kimono silk scrunchie


Make a statement with this jumbo scrunchie made from reclaimed kimono material

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A scrunchie made from genuine Japanese kimono material.

This piece was made from material from a kimono. The kimono had some damage to the outer layer, so it was taken apart and the non-damaged pieces were given new life. The colour is a delicate lilac purple.

The material has a decent amount of thickness so holds its shape fairly well. The width of the silk is around 3inches. When laid flat, it measures approximately 7inches.

This scrunchie contains 1/4inch elastic, around 7inches in length, so the piece can be worn in the hair or comfortably on the wrist. As the material is fairly wide, it is a statement piece.

While every effort has been taken to select non-damaged parts of the kimono, due to the nature of the garment, there might be some slight marks on the material.

There are two available in this material, so the one you receive may not be the one you see in some of the photos. Both are fairly similar though.

Note: This is for the sale of one scrunchie.
Nothing else that may appear in the images, is included in the sale.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 16 cm


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