Hand-tooled, retro-style heart keyring


Out of stock


A hand-tooled leather keyring made in the style of retro tattoo hearts.

The piece features a red heart with black outlining, and a green shimming background. The back is secured with a piece of suede.

Measurements (approx):
Width at the widest point: 1 2/8inch/ 3.2cm
Length: roughly 1 1/8inch/ 3cm
Length of keyring fixture: 2inch/ 5cm


The piece you receive may not be the one pictured. There may be some variation, as each piece is hand-tooled, and hand painted. Because of this differences will likely occur, so your piece will be unique. Every effort is made to make them as similar as possible.

Welcome to my online shop. Deliveries are only available to UK-based customers presently.

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