Hand-tooled, retro-style ‘BANG’ necklace


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A handmade, hand-tooled, painted, retro-style, ‘BANG’ necklace.

I love the retro, superhero style – so that is my inspiration for this piece. It features the word ‘BANG’ on a background of yellow and orange.

Each of my tooled pieces starts life as a flat piece of veg-tanned leather. I then draw out a design, carve it into the leather, use special tools to create texture, shadowing and detail. Once I’ve done this, the piece is carefully painted with acrylic leather paints, then sealed.

This piece has been backed with a piece of turquoise chrome-tanned leather with the suede side facing out. It also features a blue-coloured metal chain (may contain nickel). Silver-coloured surgical steel is available on request (please let me know when purchasing, so I can swap out the chain before shipping).

Measurements (approx):
Width (at widest part): 3 4/8inches/ 9cm
Length: 2 3/8iches/ 6cm
Chain length (including clasp): 22 4/8inches/ 57cm

NOTE: Please note, this listing is for the sale of the earrings only. Nothing else in the images is included in the sale.

Although the piece is fairly robust and has been sealed, the paint may scratch if put under undue stress.

Welcome to my online shop. Deliveries are only available to UK-based customers presently.

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