Earth dragon necklace


Tooled leather, ice dragon brooch

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This earth dragon eye has been hand-tooled, and moulded from veg-tanned leather.

I’ve selected this piece of leather with the raw edge purposefully, to give an impression of having been torn from a real earth dragon.

The piece starts as a flat piece of leather. I add the eye and mould leather around it to create the eyelid. I then tool the leather to create scales and texture to the piece. It’s then finished off with acrylic leather paint, and sealant. The base colour of this piece are earth greens, and a touch of gold.

The piece is attached to chains – bib necklace style.

Approximate measurements:
Down the left side 5inches; along the top edge 4inches; bottom edge to the right 4 3/4inches.

Although the piece is fairly robust and has been sealed, the paint may scratch if put under undue stress.

Welcome to my online shop. Deliveries are only available to UK-based customers presently.

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