Below are a selection of my photography. The images on this page are separated into categories: Japanese Iconography, Nature, Animals, Shintoism and Buddhism, and Landscapes.

Most of my images are currently available 8×10. If you’re interested in a different size, please send me a message. Prices exclude postage and packaging.

Any questions – get in touch!

Japanese iconography

  • Reflections of Maneki Neko
  • Hanami
  • 'Daruma Cascade'
  • Daruma Cascade
  • Castle Garden framed
  • Peace Goddess framed


  • Through the Rice
  • Rice Terrace
  • Rice View No. 1
  • Sakura Across the Sky
  • Sakura
  • Hanami
  • Empress' Irises
  • Irises
  • Irises framed
  • Empress' Irises framed


  • Enoshima Kite
  • Alpaca in the Snow
  • Asleep in the Sun
  • 'Asleep in the Sun'
  • Animals Category image
  • 'Winter Coat', Fox in the snow
  • Fighting Teeth
  • Fighting Teeth
  • Wings framed
  • Wings framed
  • Wings
  • Onsen Dragonfly No.1
  • Onsen Dragonfly MNo.2
  • Dragonfly
  • Dragonfly
  • Joro Spider

Shintoism and Buddhism

  • 'Daruma Cascade'
  • Daruma Cascade
  • Senbazuru framed
  • 'Hope for Tomorrow'
  • Senbazuru
  • Shinto Torii gates on Inariyama in Kyoto, Japan (Fushimi Inari) (photo)
  • 'Foxes' Inari Okami (kitsune) photo
  • Mossy stone lantern (photo)
  • Reflections of Maneki Neko
  • Peace Goddess framed
  • Oya Peace goddess
  • Goddess of Mercy (Hyaku-Shaku Kannon) on Mt Nokogiri, Japan (photo)


  • Fire over the Water City
  • Fuji sunset
  • Mt Fuji and the Lake
  • Rice Terrace
  • Fisherman in Gujo Hachiman
  • Kintai Bridge View No.2
  • Kintai Bridge View No.1
  • Kintai Bridge View 1
  • Kintai Bridge View No.2 framed
  • Satetsu and the Snow

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