Below are a selection of my photography. The images on this page are separated into categories: Japanese Iconography, Nature, Animals, Shintoism and Buddhism, and Landscapes.

Clicking on the images with prices will take you to the online shops for more information, images, and to purchase. Most of my images are currently available 8×10. If you’re interested in a different size, please send me a message. Prices exclude postage and packaging. Any questions – get in touch!

Japanese iconography


Sankeien Irises
Sakura cascade


Shintoism and Buddhism

Stone lantern in the Azalea


Rice Field Terrace (Shiroyone Senmaida, Ishikawa)
Satestu and the Snow
Fuji Sakura Sunset
Rice and the sea (Shiroyone Senmaida, Ishikawa)

Welcome to my online shop. Deliveries are only available to UK-based customers presently.

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