Exciting times!

Central Milton Keynes pop-up shop stays open.

Those of you following my social media posts, will have seen by now, that the pop-up shop I’d been taking part for the last six weeks has been able to stay open!

The shop – in the Central Milton Keynes shopping centre – first opened at the beginning of May, and was due to close Sunday 13th June. The plan at that stage, was to wait until the Christmas period, when another pop-up shop would hopefully be available in the shopping centre.

However, the very next day Intu made an amazing offer for the pop up to stay open until the end of the year! This is huge news! A shopping centre has chosen to give retail space to local small businesses!

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out, and heap praise on the work of Steph (Flat102), Carly (artonmysleeve), and Adele (nutmegwallart). These three have spearheaded the Indie Collective project, and have made the shop look so professional and sleek. They have wonderful ideas and have created such an amazing space for local creatives to show off their hard work and engage with local consumers.

I have also decided to stay on in the shop. For me personally, it’s a wonderful way to show some of my pieces to my immediate community. The last six weeks have been great for me. I had a gentle start to officially launching my business, and had big plans for 2020. Well we all know how that went! I’m thankful to have been able to stay safe and well during the pandemic, but my infant business and creativity did take a kicking. For a couple of different reasons I’ve been very gentle with myself this past few months, but the Indie Collective have reinvigorated me. If you’ve bought something from the shop – thank you! If it was something of mine – thank you, thank you! It really means so much!

Where can you find the shop? If you head to the newer end of the shopping centre in Central Milton Keynes (the Marks and Spencer end), it’s diagonally opposite Waterstones, near Agent Provocateur, and next to Dr Martens. Click here for a map.

Trends for SS21

CMTPDesign explores what key trends will be hot for spring/ summer 2021 (SS21)

Colour Pops

Colours can help change a mood, and if ever we needed a lift, it’s now! Whether it’s a hot pink lip or nails, à la Tom Ford, a aquamarine neck scarf (a nod to Tomo Koizumi), or a bold red hat, the trends for spring/ summer 2021 let us get playful with our looks.

Downton LA by @iamfinely, photo by @joshstyle via Unsplash
Image by @pjpavel via Unsplash

Youthful Rebellion

Following on neatly from Colour Pops, another big trend for spring and summer will be youthful rebellion. Whether you choose to express with this a flash of colour in your accessories, or take a bolder step with bright hair (such as the neon punk looks shown by Christian Cowan), now is the time to let loose and have fun.


It doesn’t take much searching through TikTok or Depop to see what is hot right now with Zoomers (Gen Z), and younger Millennials. Just like the generation before them, they’re digging through their parents’ wardrobes to find fun ‘vintage’ looks (yes…it’s horrifying to me too that the 90s are now technically vintage!). Bucket hats, crop tops, silky shift dresses, and kawaii accents galore!

Photo by @insideweather via Unsplash


One thing we can all agree on, being kind to ourselves is right up there on the 2021 list of priorities. Whether you feel most comfortable sticking to previous routines and looks, or your shoes have become slippers, and your waistlines, elasticated, being comfortable is an important way to practice some self-care.

Masks (the eyes have it)

Obviously it won’t be anytime soon that we’ll be shedding the masks. Stylish, bold masks have become the hottest accessory for those that still want to show off their personality during this time. From sumptuous fabrics from Pinsent Tailoring, to lace, and even heavily-bejewelled pieces, the mask doesn’t need to only be utilitarian.

A obvious side effect of all this mask-wearing, is the eyes doing a lot more talking. Pops of colour, or dark, bold 90s style kohl eyes (like those see from Partow, Libertine, and Alice + Olivia) are great ways to show off a bit of your personality.

Read more about how masks have made an impact on the catwalk in this Vogue article.

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